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About SOAK BOX England

Here at SOAK BOX England, we have created effortlessly glamorous vegan and cruelty free skincare and contemporary living products using only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Quintessentially English, all our beautifully curated premium products are made in England.  Transparent beauty drives us and we will always tell you what ingredients are contained within our exquisite products.  As you explore our product range you will see our love for using beneficial plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and natural essential oils, from seaweed derived Collagen Retinol, Dead Sea Clay to anti-oxidant rich Acai and Goji Berries.

SOAK BOX England's effortlessly glamorous natural, vegan skincare products will not only nourish, feed, protect and enhance your skin, but also look and smell fabulous in your home.


Read on to find out about who we are, what we do and the products we make for you and your home

Our Vision


SOAK BOX England was created from a desire to develop a natural collection of premium products with a glamorous edge.  Using a combination of natural and organic ingredients, we proudly incorporate a large array of beneficial essential oils, minerals, plant extracts and vitamins.  SOAK BOX England products will not only enhance, protect and nourish your skin but will also look and smell fabulous in your home. You can relax whilst browsing through our collections knowing that all our products for both your skin and home do not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients, no added synthetic materials, have not been tested on animals and are vegan.

With SOAK BOX England you will indulge yourself with our alluring natural scents, beautifully rewarding skin products for the face and body all wrapped up in our elegant packaging.  All our products have been carefully designed to encompass a little bit of natural luxury into your skincare routine.

Whether you are looking for a range of skincare products, a single addition to compliment your existing beauty regime or a luxurious gift for a loved one, we are sure we have something great that you will adore.

We know you will love our SOAK BOX England collections as much as we do.



We love a good anti-oxidant and we feel these are an essential ingredient for our natural SOAK BOX England products. 

Anti-oxidants are nutrients (vitamins and minerals), that can help to prevent and repair the body’s tissue.  These beauty ‘saviours’ fight free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors that we all come across in our daily lives.  These include toxins, pollution, exposure to sunlight to name a few. The results of having anti-oxidants in our skincare products create a positive effect on your skin by reducing signs of ageing, minimising wrinkles and preserving the texture of the skin.


For The Skin

Whether you are 18 or 80 being conscientious about looking after your skin and preventing any further damage is a great platform to begin your skincare routine.


Using our SOAK BOX England natural skincare collection will only be beneficial and rewarding to your skin and will not cause any harm or irritation.


For The Home

SOAK BOX England ‘Contemporary Living Collection’ for the home includes our luxury naturally hand poured and hand blended candles which are made in the UK.  Within the collection, we use 100% Soy Wax (vegan) with beautiful blends of natural and essential oils to create alluring scents to fill your home.  100% Soy Wax burns at lower temperatures which means you can enjoy your candles for even longer.  Likewise, with our Reed Diffusers, you will enjoy our fine fragrance oils as they naturally disperse scent into the air.  You can find more information on our fragrances in our Contemporary Living Collection.


Sophie Gribbin

"Absolutely recommend the skin care products!" 

"After suffering with acne for many years these products have done wonders for my sensitive skin. Everything smells AMAZING which is an added bonus,"

premium skin care

Leah-jade Williams

100% would recommend!!

Recently I have been using the products from SOAK BOX England, I have got their ‘natural Aloe Vera toner’, ‘vitamin E clarifying cleanser’ and the ‘vitamin E hydrating moisturiser.

They smell absolutely amazing!! (These are an orange and grapefruit mojito essential oil blend).

My skin has never felt better and it is so soft!!

Can’t wait to try the other products that are sold!!

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