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The SOAK BOX England Story

Where to start …… First and foremost, I am a wife and mum to 4 beautiful children that keep me very busy indeed! I found myself at home as a full time mum after my 4th child was born in 2016. I couldn’t have contemplated going back into an environment that dictated days and hours to work with the added stress of organising child-care, and more importantly I wanted to spend as much time with my babies as possible, so working from home was my preferred option.

I had a ‘burning ambition’ to create and develop something I could call my own; a business that I could grow with passion and enthusiasm around all the things that I love. Once I started to have a bit more time on my hands, I found I could really dedicate my time, energy and effort to my concept, resulting in the creation of SOAK BOX England. My background was a combination of working on projects within the NHS and also within the health and fitness industry and business management. Health and fitness are areas that have always interested me as far back as I can remember. Understanding how things work, what ingredients we use, how these affect us and also the environment. Combining this passion for health and nature together with a love of beautiful skincare and quality home products, I started to do lots of research. The current marketplace was lacking natural, vegan, high quality brands with something a little bit different. I wanted to buy products that were exciting, luxurious, premium ingredients, gorgeous packaging yet affordable and of course something that works too.

I couldn’t find these products on the shelves ……. and that was the start.

SOAK BOX England Was Born.

It has been a very exciting, interesting and enlightening journey so far. It has been very tough at times juggling work/children/home balance which I’m sure any working mum will appreciate. With lots of late nights and early mornings in front of the computer but I suppose that is the benefit of having your own business and setting your own hours! Of course, mistakes have been made along the way, and a phrase that is now almost a mantra in my household is, ‘It’s a learning curve!!”

Over the last couple of years, getting SOAK BOX England off the ground, I have worked with some amazing UK manufacturers producing only the very best premium products and materials. Using my vision and design for my brand we have created both my Skin Care and Contemporary Living Collections that I am extremely proud of. With many other projects that I am currently working on, 2020 will see new collections and products launched for SOAK BOX England.

The main areas of the business that were so important to me as a new brand owner was the following; it had to be Natural, it had to be Vegan, it had to contain Organic Ingredients, it had to be Cruelty Free and of course if had to be Glamorous! Apart from the essential criteria for the products the other areas that were non-negotiable was; it had to be made in the UK, using only the finest ingredients, it had to be affordable to the consumer. More often than not, premium products of any nature, are out of reach for a lot of consumers who wish to purchase products using the best natural and ethical ingredients and materials. Why should this always be the case? This is where I wanted SOAK BOX England to be different and stand out. I wanted my customers to benefit from the very best, from the products right down to the recyclable yet still glamorous packing and it be affordable to them.

We have received amazing feedback to date with all our products and to receive 5-star reviews feels extremely rewarding. Knowing that our customers are very happy, they have received a fantastic service, fantastic products and fantastic results. That’s what I personally strive to achieve with every single sale I make. Check out some of the testimonials here.

Packed Full Of Goodness.

When I was designing my Skin Care products and Collections I wanted to really create something that was ageless for all my customers. We all know that prevention is better than cure, so whether you are 18 or 80 being conscientious about looking after your skin and preventing any further damage is a great platform to begin your skincare routine. By using any of our natural skincare collections packed full of protecting and repairing anti-oxidants will only be beneficial and rewarding for your skin and will not cause any harm or irritation. We have had some amazing results from our customers and we love to receive your feedback.

Likewise, on my journey to create a Soak Box Contemporary Living Collection one thing that surprised me so much was the differing quality of candles and their waxes within the current UK and International marketplace. Many of the high-end brands you would expect, of course, to be using only the finest natural waxes, unfortunately they’re not! Without knowing the ingredients, we spend a lot of money on these items as gifts for our own homes. In truth these can contain waxes such as paraffin and mineral wax which release nasty toxins into our homes. This was a massive ‘no no’ for me and gave me confidence that my brand is producing absolutely beautifully naturally scented candles with safe, non-toxic natural soy wax which is clean burning and also at affordable prices.

You can be confident with SOAK BOX England knowing that whatever you choose from any of our collections, whether it be skincare or our contemporary living ranges, you will only receive beautiful natural products. Our aim is to provide an ethical service from the very start to the very end.

What Next For SOAK BOX England?

In September 2019, we will have been trading for 12 months. Our customer base goes from strength to strength via our online platform. We are working with Ethea UK, a luxury online retailer that specialises in natural, vegan, cruelty free products. Our Exclusive Wedding Collections are growing in popularity across the country and I love the fact that we can help bring a special glamorous touch to many brides and grooms’ special day. In June this year we launched into our very first department store, Sandersons Boutique Department Store in Stocksbridge. It has been such a great success that we have been offered a premium spot in their brand-new Organics Area with the grand opening in September 2019. With many more retail opportunities in the pipeline, I hope to bring you more news in the near future.

It has definitely been a very exciting and fun start to SOAK BOX England’s journey and very rewarding to see how it has evolved over the last 12 months. None of which would have been possible without my amazing support network (Matt, Mum and Dad). I am very excited to see what 2020 will bring.

Chloe Gabbitas-Powls

Founder and Managing Director

SOAK BOX England


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