Sophie, aged 18



 I discovered the Vitamin E hydrating range from Soak Box. It’s now 6 months since using these products and my skin has been consistently clear from day one.  I have attached photos of my skin while on medication, after my first attempt at stopping medical treatment and the second attempt using soakbox! I can’t sing soak box’s praises enough as it is gentle for my sensitive skin. It has completely transformed my skin and has given me back my confidence. Thank you Soak Box

Hydrating Facial Care Collection

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Having struggled with cystic acne since the age of 11 I’ve experimented with various skin products and medication including infrared light treatment. My doctors suggested it was time for me to stop my daily hormone controlling medication and try more natural alternatives. Being incredibly nervous due to failed attempts and adverse effects in the past I decided to look for new products to help control my outbreaks.

Susan Hodson

" I love the Super Berry face mask, so rich in texture you could be forgiven for thinking it is the moisturiser.

Doesn't dry hard, therefore is comfortable, doesn't crack so you can still speak. Just don't forget you have it on!

So impressed by the face mask that my second purchase, to complement, was the Super Berry anti-ageing moisturiser. I thought the face mask was rich until I used this moisturiser, quite luxurious, but immediately soaks in. 

The fragrance on both these items is, not surprisingly, a gentle fruity fragrance, not overpowering. Really impressed with both purchases."

Carol Anne

I ordered a Geranium, Grapefruit & Patchouli Diffuser which arrived promptly and very well packaged.  I loved the contemporary look of the diffuser and delighted with the perfume which I would describe as a sweet and fresh aroma. Everybody comments on the scent when they walk in the house.  I subsequently ordered two more Rose and Sandalwood diffusers, also beautiful scents.  One of which was a birthday present which came gift wrapped ready and the other for my porch and. Both my diffusers are still going strong after 6 months. Extremely good value for money for £20 and great presents.

Anna Hutchinson

I’m in my 40’s and always looked after my skin. For years I’ve tried various eye products and had allergic reactions. I’ve used Estée Lauder, Channel, Temple Spa, Lancôme and many more. Thank goodness I’ve finally found a product that works!!! I would highly recommend the secret therapist eye cream. I’ve used the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and face mask, which are all amazing. My teenage girls are using the face mask that I bought them for Christmas. They love it!! All products last ages. Worth every penny! 

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Hydrating Facial Care Collection

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Sophie Gribbin recommends SOAK BOX, England

Absolutely recommend the skin care products! After suffering with acne for many years these products have done wonders for my sensitive skin. Everything smells AMAZING which is an added bonus

Hand Care Collection


Charlotte Brook recommends SOAK BOX, England

Amazing hand-cream - really nourishes the skin and leaves hands feeling beautifully soft (but not greasy and oily like so many do!) 

I’ll be buying more very soon, thank you so much! 😊

Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream


Gaynor Brook recommends SOAK BOX, England

I was bought a very nice hand and nail cream for Christmas, freesia and pear. Lovely smell, and the pump action bottle is great. Would recommend!

Exclusive Hydrating Collection


Nancy Gribbin recommends SOAK BOX, England

Amazing products, my skin has been literally the best it’s ever been! Recommend 100 percent!! Bonus as beautifully packaged!! I use the hydrating range

Vitamin E Hydrating Moisturiser


Christine Shackson recommends SOAK BOX, England

So glad I treated myself to the the Vitamin E Hydrating Moisturiser. Smells and feels divine. Felt the benefits straight away. Looking forward to experiencing more of the range.

Caffeine Anti-Ageing Body Care Collection


Carly Taylor recommends SOAK BOX, England

Amazing products, I would highly recommend Soak Box. My skin feels and looks so much healthier, I have had a lot of comments on how much brighter my skin looks.

Amazing results

Michelle Tudor recommends SOAK BOX, England

I have just started using Soak Box - I struggle with very sensitive skin so lots of products give me rashes and blotches. These products are a bit of a breakthrough for me and I am convinced my skin is looking and feeling better. I have been using the vitamin E Cleanser and the Aloe Vera toner. Then the secret therapist moisturiser and eye cream. 
I absolutely love these products. The price is reasonable too. Very pleased I tried them. 
Thank you 
Michelle Tudor

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James & Daniel recommends SOAK BOX, England

We were trying to find something different for wedding favours and met Chloe at a wedding fair.
She had a range of items that we liked and we bought candles for all of our guests, plus gift boxes for our Mums, Groomsmaid, ring bearers and our helpers.
Chloe was great and showed us all the different options and scents and delivered the items really quickly so we could have them personalised.
Our guests love the products and we have had great feedback
Highly recommend Soak Box!!
Thank you Chloe

Lynne Staton recommends SOAK BOX, England

Super Berry Face Mask with Acai & Goji Berries


These products are absolutely wonderful they smell gorgeous and are beautifully packaged and are reasonably priced. I have used Lancome previously, but I'm a convert to Soak Box. I love the Super Berry range. My 16 year old Granddaughter is also using it for her acne and the results have been amazing even though she has been stressed out with her GCSE's. She has previously used a well known advertised product which never had these results. She is using Vitamin E Hydrating Moisturiser and Super Berry Face Mask.

Charlotte Molyneux recommends 

SOAK BOX, England

Hydrating Facial Care Collection

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Love, love, love Soak Box! ❤️

I was recommended to try Soak Box’s hydrating facial care collection after suffering with numerous spotty outbreaks on my face

The results were so rapid and just amazing - after 3 days, the spots had improved dramatically..... and even more amazingly, after 7 days, I no longer needed to wear foundation! My skin now looks better than it did in my 20’s, and I’ve had lots of compliments on how good it looks.

Thank you so much Soak Box, I cannot recommend your wonderful products enough!

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